Monday, June 25, 2007

How the Proline Aerobic system works

When air is mixed with the wastewater at a near vacuum in the Aeroblend devise, three things occur.
Ø The O2 is dissolved in the effluent in a low pressure environment. Much like sugar dissolves into hot tea faster and easier than cold tea, this method of exposing O2 to the effluent dissolves the O2 into the solution quickly. That is why the effluent in the PL-500 is only 31" deep.
Ø The nitrogen in the air separates and bubbles off. Compare to a diver coming up too fast. The nitrogen separates from his blood and bubbles off giving him the bends.
Ø At the sudden loss of pressure, the cell walls of the waste in the effluent literally burst open. This allows aerobic bacteria to eat the waste more quickly and it also allows oxidation of waste material. Imagine a grape thrown into space from the shuttle. It would literally burst open.

What is an aerobic septic system?

An aerobic wastewater treatment system is an onsite sewage facility that introduces oxygen into the septic stream to promote the growth of fast growing aerobic bacteria. Proline's system can also be used to reclaim a failed conventional septic system and it's clogged drain field.

In the 3 years of testing and research with this unit, there has never been a layer of scum (sewer cake) to appear on the top of the water. That is, no sewer cake or scum has appeared in the aerobic chamber OR the trash tank! The reason for this is because oxygen is aggressively forced (as opposed to passively exposed) into the wastewater.
O2 literally spills over into the trash tank where aerobic activity is going on in the pre-treatment chamber.

Reclaim failed septic systems

The Retro Blend simply drops in any septic tank and hangs inside a riser as shown.
This system pretty much turns a failed septic system into an aerobic system.
What makes this unit so appealing is that many people simply don't have the $12-$18,000 for a remodel when their septic system fails. This is a solution for service companies to truly be of service to their customers and "reclaim" the failed septic system at a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

See a drawing of it at: